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W.I.S.E. Australia

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Feeling burnt out? Staff moral down? Are you taking the work trauma home with you? Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your career or emotional life? Even the strongest among us can feel overwhelmed, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As professional Social workers with years of experience all over the world, we can help practitioners, front line workers, employees, board members, organisations understand and manage whatever human service work throws at you, and how to do it successfully. We believe that each human service workers have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive in life and work.

Empower Yourself!


We focus on empowering practitioners, individuals, families, organisations and others.

W.I.S.E Australia was created to encourage women, people and those around us to be bold, stand up and be proud to call themselves courageous, bold and powerful.

We aim to support organisations to be culturally supportive, safe and empowering.

We believe in supportive supervision that together brings solutions to the table and allows a safe and supportive environment for curiosity, safety and empowerment.


W.I.S.E. Australia has the honour to empower organisations, individuals, practitioners, boards, families, children and others.
We use various approaches, services and techniques.



We provide cultural support, supervision, training and workshops. 100% of our staff are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. We are a very proud organisation, and have been working tirelessly developing cultural advice and training for corporate, government and non-government services. We are providing Cultural Awareness Training, Cultural Leadership for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and management training. We have tailored options available so we create the best solution for your organisation.



Staff burning out? Hearing employees talk about taking the trauma home? Need some more positive office moral? We offer workshops that will boost your employees and empower a positive culture back in the work place. Want to learn how to have self-care? Surprised to find your staff turn over increasing? Give us a call for the tools to manage this space



We provide solution-focused, strength based and sanctuary focused debriefing/supervision for human service professionals, board members, organisations and practitioners. We provide de-briefing to front line staff, middle management and CEO’s. Do not wait till you are burnt out to de-brief. Pick up the phone and call our service. Individual and group sessions available. Face -to-face, over the phone and online support available.